1. The Latest Maxwell News (November 2004 - November 2013)

    After much thought, the heartfelt decision was made last year, to end The Latest Maxwell News. Saying goodbye to something you’ve built and freely put your time, effort, and love into isn’t easy. So, it took a moment to find the right words to say.

    The Latest Maxwell News started as an idea to provide people with information. With day to day hard work and sacrifice, it blossomed into a brand known among the people as trustworthy, dependable, and clear. The purpose and the goal never changed.

    Maxwell, again, thank you for sharing your God given talent with the world. It was because of your music, that I created an outlet to express myself creatively. Along the way, I’ve been able to connect with so many wonderful people, your fans. There have been a few that I’ve really grown to love and consider not only friends, but family. I never wanted anything from you because as far as I was concerned, your music had already blessed my life. Good luck to you as you continue on with your journey through life.

    Special thank you’s to Jennifer McZ (2Serenity), Tameesha H., and Juree S. Jennifer, thank you for always having encouraging words to say and support to give. Tameesha, thank you for being there when I needed you, whether it was a phone call, an email, something extra for the website, anything for traveling and so on. Juree, thank you for hearing me and understanding me when I needed to express myself. To these three outstanding women, thank you for your kindness, care and love. I will carry it with me forever.

    Over these 9 years, I’ve truly enjoyed providing whatever I could for my followers. From the very bottom of my heart, I sincerely want to thank everyone who has ever supported The Latest Maxwell News. If you’ve followed, liked, commented, clicked on, emailed, forwarded, spoke about, asked, photoed, and so forward, thank you. You all are appreciated, cherished and forever in my heart.

    "Think of me often as I will think of you always."

    God Bless. Goodbye.
    Chantay Wesley, creator & owner