On the Cover: MAXWELL – Let Me Love You (Giant Magazine)

The following shows screenstills from Maxwell’s interview and cover story from Giant Magazine. The singer speaks about his new music, life and his parents; father (Puerto Rican) and mother (Haitian). Enjoy the read and leave a comment if you found the interview interesting.

Giant Magazine – September 2009

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15 Responses to On the Cover: MAXWELL – Let Me Love You (Giant Magazine)

  1. KissOfDanger says:

    Oh, BTW I find it funny how he said the interracial part of the relationship was looked down upon strangely when Haitians seem to like anything that is not too black. *scratches head* I grew up in a Baptist family thankfully I don’t go to their church anymore because of bullmess like this. My heart goes out to him.

  2. cc says:

    Such humble beginnings for he and his family. We all just do the best we can.


  3. 2Serenity says:

    You know I wish maxwell knew (or he knows) that he is not alone in this struggle of not feeling wanted or causing strife within a family.

    All of these experiences have made him into the individual that he is today which is sensitive and caring which is felt through his music.

    May God continue to bless him on his journey of seeking peace within himself.

  4. flairdetroit says:

    Wow…I mean really….wow. I teared up several times reading this article. There are just no words…..

  5. Cassandra says:

    You know… something had to make him as beautiful as he is. I have always wondered. It is always amazing to realize or discover how pain, experienced early in your life, when you make a point to understand it, will transform you into a precious being.

    It would be such a blessing just to know Maxwell.I would love to just talk to him.

    Love you Maxwell!!!

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