theBLACKsummersnight TOUR: Little Rock, AR (October 10, 2009) Did You Go?

Saturday, (October 10, 2009) – MAXWELL in Little Rock, AR at Verizon Arena. Did you go?


Check out this review from Arkansas Online:

Maxwell’s Black Summers Night Tour captivates

North Little Rock’s Verizon Arena provided the perfect backdrop for a exemplary evening of music as Maxwell’s Blacksummernight’s Tour captivated the A-State. A crowd of 5,639 took in a magnificent display of energy from three Grammy award winning artists and reciprocated by providing the stars with intense and invariable adulation for the next four hours.

The dynamic tones of songstress Chrisette Michelle ignited the grown-and-sexy crowd seconds after the Verizon Arena fell dark. Sexy in all black, the young starlet commanded the stage like a seasoned vet, gliding through her already impressive collection of hits

A confident swagger was evident in every step Common took toward the single microphone as a wave of adulation greeted him. The most impressive thing about Commons impeccable set wasn’t the songs he performed but the hits he didn’t perform. Classic Hip Hop cuts like “The Corner” and “I Used To Love H.E.R” were conspicuous in their absence but not missed as the legendary MC worked a complete set including paying homage to everyone from Earth, Wind and Fire to the Fugees.

An extended break did nothing but intensify the ungoverned anticipation for the night’s featured artist, Maxwell. Razor sharp in a black suit and tie Maxwell hit the stage with a reckless abandon, working up a sweat in the first five minutes of his show, tearing through a seemingly endless array of hits that included, “Dancewitme,” “Get To Know Ya,” and “Bad Habits.”

Maxwell returned to the Y-shaped stage for more sensual cuts like “This Woman’s Work” and an erotic rendition of “Til The Cops Come Knockin’.” The flawless night was brought to a harmonious end when, after nearly two astounding hours, white feathers cascaded from above as Maxwell performed his latest hit, “Pretty Wings.” The feathers resembling snowflakes befit perfectly the evening’s brisk air.

Not even the bitter clutches of Mother Nature could extinguish the final hint of Summer delivered courtesy of Chrisette Michelle, Common and Maxwell. An extremely appreciative crowd even motivated Maxwell to make them a promise they hope he will keep. “I’m going to make this the first and last stop of every tour I do from now own.” “I love you.”

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theBLACKsummers’night tour – MAXWELL featuring Chrisette Michele, Common and Robin Thicke (in select locations) tickets onsale now. Have you gotten yours yet, in the US | in the UK (opening acts still pending).

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5 Responses to theBLACKsummersnight TOUR: Little Rock, AR (October 10, 2009) Did You Go?

  1. shereka says:

    My first Maxwell concert will not be my last! I thought I loved him before, but it is deeper now. He has such a love for the music and shows such sincerity in his performances. It was unforgetable.

  2. Amber says:

    I had the most awesome experience at the Maxwell concert. It was the best concert I have ever been in my life and I have been to a lot of concerts! I have always been a big Maxwell fan and now I am a even bigger fan. Maxwell sang with his heart, mind, and soul. I can’t wait to he comes back to Little Rock again!

  3. Keicha Thompson says:

    All I can say is thank you Maxwell, Chrisette Michele and Common for blessing the mic and Arkansas. It was off the hook. Great show hopes they all come back especially Maxwell.

  4. Illustrious03 says:

    I was there right up on the stage hoping to be in the place where he drops himself into the crowd so that I could get a feel. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I did however get a chance to give him some panties. I love Maxwell and will definitely see him again and again each time he is in a nearby area. I saw him early this year at the Essence Fest. All great performances indeed. I am tempted right now to drive down to the big N.O. for his concert date there.

    Currently in grad school, so I will have to wait for his next set of tours. He did mention that he would make Little Rock his first and last stops on each tour he does from now on. I wonder did he really mean it b/c fans like me won’t forget about that. Just know, that if this is true….he has my floor seating money for each time. Love ya Max.

  5. Quanda says:

    I heard Maxwell was coming to North Little Rock, AR and I was like I’m in the house. This was my first Maxwell concert and boy, did he just changed how I saw him. I was totally totally taken away! He put on the greatest show ever!! Just a great performer. You could tell he loved what he was doing and the fans. I love Maxwell for life!! I can’t wait for him to make a return visit here because I am in the building down front!!!

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