MUSIC NEWS: The Gift Is On Us (Maxwell Shares OF ALL KIND Song Lyrics)

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Maxwell took to Facebook/Twitter, May 23, 2012, to share lyrics to an upcoming new song entitled, OF ALL KIND, from the pending album, blackSUMMERS’night (Summer, 2012), with his fans. Being that the day is his 39th birthday (1973), it was wonderful to see him give a surprise gift to his adoring and ever loyal fans. Can you feel the mounting¬†anticipation¬†for the new material? Check out the snippet of the song lyrics below.


one day in and the next you’re out
there’s no way to insure that no danger
will not be found
will your angels hear the sounds
will i ever be where you are where spirits go
if my end should come i can only hope that..

there is a light and no end in sight
where god and you are combined
in the brightest light of all kind..

musze/david | Copyright © 2012. All Rights Reserved.


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13 Responses to MUSIC NEWS: The Gift Is On Us (Maxwell Shares OF ALL KIND Song Lyrics)

  1. Merdianblue says:

    Please forgive me. You are King David to his Goliath.

  2. Thank you to everyone for your comments!

    Still very excited to hear the new tunes.

  3. MissMo says:

    I will feel very endeared to him if the “you” in this song is Jesus Christ….the only ultimate Lover of our souls. The only Lover we should long for…I am longing now.

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