MUSIC NEWS: SUMMERS’ to Come Soon (album partial tracklisting)


In the midnight hour (east coast time) (January 03, 2013), Maxwell took to instagram to release a partial tracklist for his upcoming SUMMERS’ album. Partial, meaning there’s more to come in this year! We at The Latest Maxwell News are definitely intrigued, excited, and ready for more. No, album release date has been announced at the moment. Check out the partial tracklist below.

SUMMERS’ [partial] tracklist:
Beware of Smiles
Of All Kind
Lake by the Ocean


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5 Responses to MUSIC NEWS: SUMMERS’ to Come Soon (album partial tracklisting)

  1. Michelle (@sunshine28639) says:

    Okay the music was way to loud hard to hear him sing when he wasn’t talking to audience in the first part! جراحة ساعدت حقا صوته، أنا أنتظر أن أسمع ما اذا كان يمكن ان يصيب تلك يلاحظ ارتفاع وكأنه استخدامها ل! ولكن مهلا هذا هو التحسن .. I take it that next album will be off the hook! So save that voice cause I want to hear the new songs sang live just like that ولكن أفضل قليلا! أنت تجعلني أشعر في نفسي …..

  2. Renita McKinley says:

    Please hurry with new music, can not wait. No one else compares to you in the music industry. 2013 is waiting for you and so am I. God Bless!

  3. Cheryl says:

    The voice of Maxwell is sultry sensual making love to the soul. I am looking forward to the upcoming CD.

  4. peanut8 says:

    In an industry that many times values image over substance. It is refreshing to have substance, talent and humility in such a lovely package.
    Your gift comes when it is complete. We await with baited breath it’s delivery!!! Based on the teaser, it will be worth the wait!

  5. annbarb says:

    Maxwell I am totally waiting patiently! for the album im one of your die hard fans, most all the albums I have, is Maxwell music, bring it on! A Fan for Life!

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